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  • Dr. Raymond Bernard

    Raymond Bernard was a health and metaphysical author who wrote over 40 titles on the most important concerns in health and metaphysics. Much of today's New Age comes from the pioneering of Raymond Bernard. His writings are forthright and he describes subject matter in plain English. His ideas have helped thousands of people understand the value of physical health and higher consciousness. In his words," I have devoted thirty years to the scientific study of nutrition and during this time have studied and experienced every kind of diet. I have tried non-vegetarian diets, vegetarian diets, raw food diets, fruitarian diets and many other kinds. Yet none of these diets proved satisfactory. None of them brought the optimal health I sought. I noticed that vegetarians were generally sick, just as meat-eaters were. There seemed to be something wrong somewhere. Finally, after years of searching,I discovered the solution of this problem". This is a quote from Bernard's ORGANIC FOODS FOR HEALTH
    From his scientific analysis of menstruation, longevity, sexology and organic foods to his vast knowledge of secret societies and the hollow earth Bernard's through research will astound you.
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