• Dr. Raymond Bernard

    Raymond Bernard was a health and metaphysical author who wrote over 40 titles on the most important concerns in health and metaphysics. Much of today's New Age comes from the pioneering of Raymond Bernard. His writings are forthright and he describes subject matter in plain English. His ideas have helped thousands of people understand the value of physical health and higher consciousness. In his words," I have devoted thirty years to the scientific study of nutrition and during this time have studied and experienced every kind of diet. I have tried non-vegetarian diets, vegetarian diets, raw food diets, fruitarian diets and many other kinds. Yet none of these diets proved satisfactory. None of them brought the optimal health I sought. I noticed that vegetarians were generally sick, just as meat-eaters were. There seemed to be something wrong somewhere. Finally, after years of searching,I discovered the solution of this problem". This is a quote from Bernard's ORGANIC FOODS FOR HEALTH
    From his scientific analysis of menstruation, longevity, sexology and organic foods to his vast knowledge of secret societies and the hollow earth Bernard's through research will astound you.
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  • The Genesis of Christianity by Professor Hilton Hotema



                                           Hilton Hotema


                                     A frequently asked question:

                    Which one of Hilton Hotema’s books should I read first?


     I have asked that question myself and finally I polled the many readers & fans of Hotema and asked them. It seems as if Genesis of Christianity has been the most suggested, so that’s what I took home with me last weekend and read.

    I discovered that Hilton Hotema was also George R Clements & Klamonti Kenyon. These were pen names he used during his writing career. I have heard the expression,

    ”he wrote ahead of his time” and Hotema was definitely one of these authors.

    We have been given facts over a lifetime which Hotema blows completely out of the water. I’m already getting ahead of myself. Let us see who Hotema is and what he has to say.

    George Clements started to Sunday school and attended until he was 15 years old. At the age of twelve he began studying the Bible in earnest. He became a preacher and after preaching in scores of different states, finally discovered that the truth was not being given to the people. He began comparing the various Bible and religious books and found many startling facts which were never given to people from the pulpit, never taught in public schools and definitely not in Sunday school. He found the average preacher knew little about the history of the bible and only shouted about things that were not true. Hotema discovered why the Roman Empire was plunged into mental darkness with the birth of Christianity. That darkness was necessary to help the Priesthood frighten people. It was to keep the Priesthood in high places and to drive the multitudes into the church for the sake of profit and power. Hotema shows why Moses could not have written the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) the account of his own demise – Deut. 34.

    This is history at its best---only a beginning in reading the eye opening books written by Hotema. Read only if you want to know.

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